VITALI - pop singer, songwriter.

It has a rare voice classification - a soft baritone tenor with velvet overtones.

The first singer, who set a record in the "Book of Records of the Republic of Belarus", did 4 times in a row in the first place of the American charts. Nobody set up previous record records.

Nine-time winner of the radio chart of the United States. The song “Don’t Cry” by Vitali 9 times ranked 1st place on “CCG Network Radio” (Charleston, USA) on the CCG TOP 20 WEEK chart. The song takes the lead in the chart for 22 weeks. On “Poze Radio” (Chicago, USA), Vitali’s songs “Don’t cry”, “Be Stronger”, “Your Things” won the listeners of Chicago. Nominee for the award "100 pounds new hit 2018" radio station HIT FM 101,7 (Moldova).

Vitali's songs are heard on radio stations in the USA, Germany, Russia and Belarus.

The premiere of the video “This Day” in Belarus took place on December 5, 2018 on the Belarus 4 channel.

The world premiere of the video "This Day" was held on December 20, 2018 on POZE TV (USA) in Chicago, Los Angeles, Wisconsin and Indiana.

The singer, conquered the Belarusian public, becoming one of the winners of the Belarusian star factory "Star Stagecoach".

Style: Modern pop music.


The singer was in the "Book of Records of the Republic of Belarus" having conquered the American chart.

Singer Vitali’s interview for Contralto People magazine.

Singing at the mirror with a comb, songs about beautiful life, Barbie dolls, restoration of a leading position before the finish line, modern music in Belarus and much more were discussed with singer Vitali Sychev (Vitali).

The first in the history of Belarus singer, who set a record, having held out 4 times in a row in the first place of the American charts. Nobody set such records before.

World premiere of Vitali video "This Day" in the USA.

The world premiere of Vitali video “This Day” was held on December 20, 2018 on the TV channel POZE TV (USA) in Chicago, Los Angeles, Wisconsin and Indiana.




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Do not miss on July 23 at 9:00 am, for the first time, Pravda Radio 99.0 FM will broadcast via direct communication with the United States of America. The guests of the air are singer and songwriter Vitali (Vitaly Sychev), who is in the book of records of Belarus, as well as an American rapper and the host of the show Thursday Night Live - P The Poly, which will be in direct communication from the United States, South Carolina, Charleston. Want to know more? Then do not miss the broadcast. The live broadcast can be viewed online on a page on the VK social network 

Viber number 8-044-739-01-71 
SMS number - 9903 
Call live - 290-101, +375 (44) 739-01-71

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For the first time in Belarus, Belteleradiocampaign held a teleconference with the United States on the air of an entertainment show.

The leading of the American show hit the book of records of Belarus.

 In the "Book of Records of the Republic of Belarus" published information that the American presenter on the air of his show set a record by reviewing the song "Your acts" by Belarusian singer Vitali, in Belarusian lengvige language.

For the first time, on the other side of the ocean, through the tele-bridge established by the Belteleradiocampaign, guests of the good evening show “Good Evening Gomel” on Belarus 4 (Gomel) channel Alexander Lupinenko were visited by the famous singer and composer Vitali (Vitaly Sychev) and the popular rap singer and leading American “Thursday Night Live” show - P The Poly.

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