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In Gomel started a reality show that will show the other side of creating photo shoots.

The project was conceived by the singer Vitali Solo and his music manager Svetlana Kravets. We met with them on the set of the second series of the PhotoHit show at the Arena Hall club. Here preparations were in full swing for the next shoots, the whole team gathered. And she is solid: image maker, makeup artist, stylists and cameramen.


Experiment and even challenge


“At first, we got the idea to make a contest for photographers,” says Vitali. - Then we decided that the topic was interesting, and it requires wider coverage. Many friends want to choose a professional who not only knows how to take spectacular pictures, but also a person who is pleasant in communication. Therefore, we started filming reality shows to show the whole of this process.


The project involves four photographers. Everyone chose an model's image and with Vitali as a model tried to reveal it as much as possible, for this was allotted one hour for each photographer. The singer has already felt what it means to be a “godfather”, a business man and a rock musician. The show was an experiment. In a sense, even a challenge for singer: can an artist be in unusual roles and live a new mini-life?

The most difficult thing was the transformation into a businessman, whose everyday life seems to be spontaneous and creative Vitali too serious and orderly. The other thing it is a photo shoots and need to give out emotions to order. And in search of a cool shot, it’s so virtuoso to jump from a chair so that the “flight” is also aesthetic.


Like many of us, Vitali is often dissatisfied with how it appears in the pictures, even if there are no complaints about the photo itself. But this time he liked everything.


- Vitali, you said that you like to challenges. And to whom: yourself, people and circumstances?


- Colleagues in the first place. So you did not expect, but I will show what I can do better. I compare myself with myself yesterday, it allows me to develop.


- As a professional singer on stage you one and a half years and at the same time you are guided by large solo projects, while novice performers at this stage only probe the ground for clubs and corporate parties. It is ambitiously.


- Yes, our stars come to this in seven years, but we decided to act differently. We have something to show and tell, so why not speak to large audiences? People need to know their artists.


“Good, but it is in ideal.” But how are potential listeners to bring to the concert?


- It largely depends on the promotion: the project must be properly presented.


It is emotions or math?


On this Vitali needed to go into the hands of a makeup artist and the conversation continued with Svetlana. They met two years ago. And as they often say about fateful meetings, it is completely by accident. The first thing that fascinated the music manager was the singer’s voice and timbre.


- Svetlana, in your opinion, the success of the artist begins with the sensations from his music, the emotions that the listener receives, or is it a clear calculation, such musical mathematics?


- First of all, you yourself need to catch the fire on the idea and calculate everything. The right advertising company is the foundation of the basics. After all, for people to come, you need to know the potential audience. If this is not taken into account, the artist will not find the viewer. Sometimes those who organize concerts, either do not have knowledge in this area, or cannot find a specialist who can competently do this. For this reason, celebrity concerts are also canceled.


- Surely you studied the tastes of Belarusians. What are they interested in and how do they relate to domestic music?


- Now there is a crisis both in relation to performers, and in relation to listeners. We really have a lot of talented guys. But to convey your musical product, you need creative forms, so we are looking for ways to stand out. And if we talk about interest in our performers, then he is. Once we held a concert in which Georgy Koldun and completely unknown guys participated. These performances were successful both in Gomel and in two regional centers. In cities with small halls, any artist is welcome.


- And the conditions allow you to unfold in full power?


“This is just all right.” Halls in regional centers may be small for venerable stars, but the venues themselves are good, with good equipment. And nice people work there. The only thing, it’s sometimes difficult to find contacts of the houses of culture. Recently I was looking for one of them, but I did not find a site or a page on social networks, so I had to go to the district executive committee. I learned about the existence of the hall by chance, seeing its name on the poster of one of our performers.


- Previously, the artist’s popularity was measured by how often his music is broadcast on television and radio. And some offended stars still complain that all ethers are closed to them. What are channels you looking for your listeners on?


- Traditional media are still important, but if we talk about FM stations, they often don’t announce artists, and for television, an informational occasion is needed. But since now people spend a lot of time on the Internet, and this is not only a youth audience, then the best option is to get started on YouTube. Again, this will work if there is quality material creatively presented.


“You are quite boldly going forward.” Isn’t it scary to promote something new, to leave, so to speak, from the comfort zone in order to achieve something?


- This is interesting. We have a lot of ideas. On December 15, start concert tour "Fly Snow".  It will be start in the Gomel concert hall and will cover nine cities. This is a Christmas program for the whole family from 6 to 99 years old. New songs and cover versions of hits will be heard. We planned a children's interactive stage with sweet presents from the Snow Maiden. There will be a bright light show. We will also make a professional shooting of the concert, which we are ready to provide everyone for free. In addition, we continue our charitable traditions: we will send part of the money earned from the sale of tickets for the treatment of ill children.


Vitali Solo is twice a scholarship holder of the President’s Special Fund for Supporting Talented Youth. He graduated from the University of Culture, and before that, the pop department at the Grodno College of Arts, on advised Mikhail Finberg. The singer took second place in the television project "Star Stagecoach" and as a bonus he received rotations on the radio, performances at major concerts and even at the "Slavic Bazaar". In addition, Vitali tried his luck in the castings of the Russian factory of stars and "People's Artist". But the pop artists, after listening to the Belarusian artist, said: “You are professional enough to teach you something.” The musician was not upset and continued on his journey to his dream.


Tatyana Gremeskevich​​​​​​​