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"Pravda Radio" first held a video bridge with the United States of America.

"Pravda Radio" continues to expand its borders. For the first time in the history of the radio station, a video bridge was held with the United States of America.


Overseas greetings to radio listeners were conveyed by the popular American rap artist, music critic and host of the Thursday Night Live show - P. The Poly (Mr. Pi).


The songwriter and singer Vitali Sychev (the creative pseudonym Vitali), sent a greeting back to South Carolina, singer not accidentally ended up in the studio "Pravda Radio". After a relatively recent acquaintance, the two musicians are already building joint creative plans, which were described on the air of "Pravda Radio".


















- Vitali, recently you got to the pages of the Book of Records of Belarus (the domestic analogue of Guinness). How did this happen?


- It all started with the fact that my song Don’t Cry hit the American CCG Network Radio chart, and has been a leader there for a long time. So I became the first singer in the history of Belarus to last four times in a row in the first place on the American chart. No one has set such records before. This happened thanks to the support of my fans on social networks. Moreover, right now we have set our sights on a new record, and "Pravda Radio" is taking part in it. The bottom line is to give 200 interviews to the Belarusian media in 31 days.


- Mr. Pi, how do you rate Vitali’s song and what did you hear about our country before meeting him?


- When I heard Don’t Cry, I immediately realized that this song is of excellent quality and it is well-produced. I was especially glad when I heard a representative of that country about which I knew little. But Vitali narrowed this gap.


- How do the American publics perceive the songs of our artist?


- Ohhh, man! As more of his songs are heard here, the public becomes more interested in your country.


- Tell us how the idea was born to create a joint project?


Mr. Pi: I noticed that Vitali makes great music, and thanks to his producer Svetlana Kravets I learned more about this artist. We had an idea to record a joint album, and then travel together in Belarus with tours.


Vitali: Recently, I started working in the style of modern popular music with a European sound. And now, thanks to the project with Mr. Pi, American rap in its best traditions will succinctly pour into my songs. We are working on creating a new joint material, and in 2020 we plan to release an album in electronic form. As for the CD disk, we have not decided yet. In addition, work continues on the creation of the music video and concert program.


- Vitali, the English-language track brought you success. Do you plan to continue creating in a foreign language? Maybe you try yourself in the rap industry?


- We want to release our joint album in two versions - in Russian and English. As for the experiments, maybe i will try to sing in R’n’B. Nevertheless, I am a singer, not a reading performer.


- Mr. Pi, what inspires you to create new tracks?


“I just live my life and draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me.”


- Look pretty stylish on your airs. Do you choose suits yourself or use someone else's services?


- Basically, I make the choice myself, but listen to the opinion from the outside.


- You also got into the Book of Records of Belarus as the first American presenter who spoke Belarusian in his show. How difficult was that?


- It’s very difficult, I had to practice for a long time, and Vitali helped me with this: both with translation and pronunciation. And now, taking this opportunity, I would like to say hello to the Belarusian public:


- “Дарагiя беларусы. Перадаю вам гарачае прывітанне з Амерыкі. Хачу пажадаць вам яркага настрою, міру і дабра ў вашы хаты. З любоўю, Пі Зэ Полі”.



Tatyana Pochinok, the head of the English department of the F.Skorina State University named after F. Skorina, helped to overcome the language barrier.





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