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Singer Vitali Solo: A girl in beautiful underwear is better than a naked.

Visiting singer Vitali Solo. The artist told how he takes care of himself, how he managed to lose seven kilograms per week and what men like about girls.

It is said that the path to a male heart lies through his stomach. Vitali, is that true?

- In a sense, yes. Men like to eat tasty food, and if a girl knows how to cook, then this is wonderful. But we do not live in the middle ages. We have of restaurants, cafes, etc., which has a wide range of different dishes for every taste.

More than 66% of bachelors dream of finding their only one woman, and many guys do not mind finding a girl older than they. What do you think about that? And what age women are acceptable for you?

- To begin with, when meeting a girl, the guy does not know her true age and only sympathies in communication, as well as a more in-depth acquaintance with the girl affect their possible future relationships. If I liked a girl, then I doubt very much that the difference in age, even if it is significant, will change something in the nascent relationship (if this difference is not absurdly large). I am sure that all the guys will support my opinions on this subject.

If a guy is preparing dinner for a girl, does he have serious intentions?

- It depends on which guy? Perhaps this is a Casanova, or maybe a “friendly” conclusion of the deal.

But you're still a bachelor, so you have to cook yourself ... how do you feel about your diet? Are there enough eggs for breakfast and pasta for dinner?))

- By the way, I cook wonderfully, but still take into account the factor that I am an artist - so my food sometimes leaves much to be desired, because it is not always correct and balanced. Sometimes I am content with yogurt, when muesli, and sometimes even just a light dinner.

I have one peculiarity as a singer - before performances I don’t eat anything at all.

Have you ever been on a diet because of your profession? Share the recipe. How much time has passed, what are the results, who can do it and who cannot...

- Of course, due to my unstable nutrition, I can quickly gain weight by eating goodies after long restrictions. But of course, I then need to quickly get myself in good shape for television and concert performances. And you need to do this quickly, in a week or several days, and without diets it is extremely difficult to do. I tried various options for diets, but the detail of which I promised to share the best a diet! To begin with I will ask you a question. Do you believe Dasha that you simply don’t need to limit yourself to the amount of food on a diet that I will talk about? I will answer you - you need believe that you can eat a large number of products, but it will you to lose the required number of kilograms and irrevocably! I lost weight on this diet for 2 weeks by 14 kg. Yes! Yes! And here is the diet!

Within 7 days you will lose weight up to 10 kilogram which will not return + it cleanse the body.

DAY 1: drinking day (we drink everything we want, including broths) in any quantity.

DAY 2: vegetable (we eat salads in any quantity, preferably with the addition of cabbage (it is a fat burner))

DAY 3: drinking day

DAY 4: fruit (we eat fruits, any, preferably grapefruit (fat burner), fruit salads seasoned with yogurt) in any quantity.

DAY 5: protein (eat eggs, chicken fillet (boiled), you can yoghurts) in any quantity

DAY 6: drinking day

7 DAY: Breakfast: tea, 2 boiled eggs. Snack: fruit Lunch: broth (you can cook a light soup with rice or buckwheat in any quantity); Snack: fruit Dinner: salad (dressing: vegetable oil and salt) in any quantity.

We saw that you often experimented with hair color. Why? And what did it lead to? How did you restore hair and in what color did you decide to stop? Or is it worth the wait for a change?

“Indeed, I was color my hair in different colors! It is rather connected with various projects in which I was directly involved. From the last changes with my hair, a funny and even instructive story has turned out.

In order to remove the black color from the hair, I needed to go through 2 bleaching, and then, dyeing in the main color. It would seem that the matter was left to the small - this is the final staining, but not everything is so simple. This process of my reincarnation just happened at the time of the "Photo battle" with Artem Melnikov. And my team sent me to an international class master from Russia in order to change my image according to the idea of ​​image maker Marina Kabadaryan. I recently got rid of black hair. And after changing the image, the stylist turned me to the mirror, I saw again in the reflection the black hair on my head.

After show “Photohit” I had to do 3 more hair bleaching, after which I began to think that I would be left completely without them. But I have great genes and I coped with the task.

All further transformations will depend on the projects in which I will take part.

How do you take care of your body: what is better for you will make depilation or go to serve in the army?

- Once suggested me that I go through the shugaring procedure on my whole body, said that it didn’t hurt at all, but so far I decided to abstain. For the weekend, when they are, I like to go with my friends to the sauna, take a steam bath with essential oils. It tones the skin, relieves fatigue and tension. Sometimes at home I allow myself to lie in the Jacuzzi with sea salt.

Many bachelors wear socks 2 or more days in a row. How are you doing this? (you can answer with humor).

- In this matter, I am a fickle partner of this pair of socks, rather I change every day one pair of socks with another, that is, every day I wear clean socks. I can add that in this case I am polygamous.

Sexy lingerie on a beautiful girl excites guys in an order more than just a naked beauty ... What do you think about it?

- I fully agree with this opinion!

More than 62% of men will be pleased if a girl takes the initiative during dating. Although the girls think this is wrong. Should we fight this stereotype? And how do you feel about this?

- I, as an artist, meet with this often and as an artist I am certainly pleased. It seems to me that on the whole, modern society is very liberated and if a guy, for whatever reason, does not pay attention to the girl, and then she herself will take the initiative, regardless of whether we will fight this stereotype. And the guys should be bolder in meeting girls.


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