Interview with singer Vitali to Contralto People magazine.

Singing at the mirror with a comb, songs about beautiful life, Barbie dolls, restoration of a leading position before the finish line, modern music in Belarus and much more were discussed with singer Vitali Solo, a participant in the “Book of Records of Belarus” for 4 consecutive victories in “Top 20 Charts "on the American radio station CCG Network Radio.



- Vitalii, how did you come in to the music? Is she fascinated you as a child? Did you like to sing children's songs during the holidays?


Nature and my parents awarded me the talent and voice that my mother saw in me at a young age and even then began to develop me as a future singer. So already in my youth I stood not only in front of a mirror with a comb, singing popular hits, but also imagined myself in the place of popular singers who bathe in the rays of stage spotlights, camera flashes and the sounds of unceasing applause.


My professional career began at the age of 15, with an invitation as a soloist to the Belarusian pop-symphony orchestra of Yuri Vasilevsky. Thus, at a young age I already traveled to the cities of Belarus.


Then I collaborated with the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, as well as with the State Concert Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Finberg, won the 2nd prize of the Belarusian star factory “Star Stagecoach”, and received many awards at various competitions.

















- Who helped you learn music, singing? Who is your main teacher?

I got a musical education in vocal faculty at Grodno College arts. Then I studied at the State University of Culture and Arts in Minsk. The basis of professional vocals was given to me by my vocal teacher in Grodno.

As you know, the singer is engaged in vocals all his life. I constantly train and learn various techniques for vocals, periodically taking lessons from professionals.


- What inspires you? Events, people, special sensations? What do you want to sing about?

I am inspired by trips to different countries of the world, the emotions of the audience at my concerts, successful peoples. I like to go to the bath with my friends and fry kebabs. In life, I am an optimist. I always want to sing about a beautiful life.






















- “Do you sing offstage while you are relax?” What are your hobbies?

Off-stage and on vacation, I usually don’t sing. I have enough perfomances, concerts, rehearsals and studio work. Regarding hobbies - Barbie dolls turned into real women, and toy cars into real cars. If it is possible, I buy various figurines in the countries I visit.


- Do you have moments of doubt about yourself, on the life way that you chose? How do you fight them? What to do to keep yourself in a good mood?

No, because everything that happens in our life is experience, and everything that fails is the result and nothing more. You need to look forward and go towards the goal.


To maintain yourself in a good mood, you need to have positive thinking, believe in yourself, not listen to whiners and surround yourself with successful people.


- What features of Mr. P is attract you in work with him? Is it comfortable to work with him? Is there a difference in the Belarusian and American approaches to work? Have there been any difficulties with this?

Mr. P is open to everything new, he is not afraid of difficulties, he is ready to accept any challenge regarding creativity. If something needs to be done, he does it right away, without delay. He is very responsible for any work. Thanks to these qualities, it is very comfortable to work with him.


I did not notice any fundamental differences in the Belarusian and American approaches to work. In my opinion, it all depends on the personal qualities of the person and it does not matter which country he is from. P The Poly and I have found a common language and understand each other perfectly. We are life on with one idea and complement each other perfectly in work.


- You got into the “Book of Records of Belarus”, having won 4 times in a row in “Top 20 Charts” on the American radio station CCG Network Radio. What did you feel at that moment? What is it like to be a champion? What was the most difficult thing on the way to the record?

This is a crazy feeling of pride, joy and victory, similar to the emotions of an athlete who has just received Olympic gold. The coolest feeling is this to realize that I went down in the history of Belarus as the first singer who won the American chart four times in a row.

















The most difficult was the last week on the way to the record. A strong American rival appeared on the chart, and I lost my leading position. But thanks to the support of my fans, for which I am very grateful to them, I managed to regain the leading position almost before the closing of the voting on the chart.


- Mr. P also set a record as “the first host of the American show in the world to make a review of an artist in Belarusian.” What was it like to hear words about yourself in Belarusian from an American? Was this done for fun or for hype?

When this thought occurred to me, it was just a crazy idea that Mr. Poly immediately supported. It was a kind of challenge to myself. From my side - can I teach him Belarusian pronunciation, and from P side - can he do it?


Hearing about yourself the words in Belarusian from an American was very unusual and funny. In a word - it was a great adventure!


- How did you get on Mr. Pi's show? Is the world of music universal or was it difficult for you in another culture?

My song “Don't cry” has been a leader for many months in the US CCG TOP 20 Week chart on CCG Network Radio, program director and owner of which is Mr. P The Poly. Thanks to this, Mr. P paid attention to my track and showed a clip on it in his show “Thursday Night Live”.


I did not notice any particular difficulties with the American musical culture. My music must have hit the right time and place. Sometimes it seems to me that fate itself leads me to America. After all, before that, my clip for the song “This Day” was shown on the American television channel “Poze TV”, which are broadcast to four US states.


















- Do you have fans from other countries? How to communicate with the audience so that anyone understands you?

Naturally, yes. They support me on the charts and watch my progress. I am currently doing everything in two languages ​​- Russian and English: posts on social networks, songs, videos, as well as my official site. Thanks to this, all Russian-speaking and English-speaking fans understand me.


- What do you expect from the upcoming album and tour? What should do to make you satisfied?

Regarding the album, it means getting platinum status, getting songs from it on the Billboard and nominating them on Grammy. As for the tour, I would like to cover as many concerts as possible around the world and introduce a large number of people to the V&P (Vitali & P The Poly) project and significantly expand my circle of fans.



- What do you think about modern music in Belarus as a whole? Where is it worth developing, what are the main difficulties, what are the advantages? Which singers do you like the most?

Music in Belarus is constantly evolving. It is quality is increasing. Annually a large number of extraordinary interesting singers appear in various musical genres. The most important thing for any singer is the desire to create a unique, interesting and high-quality product.


In Belarus, the main difficulty is that this country is small, and accordingly the music market too. And there are a lot of talented singers.


The main advantage is that talented singers have a lot of opportunities to show their creativity - to organize a solo concert, to be a guest of radio and TV broadcasts, to perform in national concerts and festivals with popular Belarusian and sometimes Russian artists, etc.


I like bright and extraordinary singers who make unique musical material. For example - Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, etc.


Conducted by: Katerina Wendillo



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