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The Vitali Solo online concert gathered over 5,000,000  viewers  at the monitors. Vitali Solo spoke about the concert:

I'm in shock! 13 hours of broadcast flew by unnoticed!


We went on the air and completely forgot that there is a live broadcast and the audience is gathering at the monitors. At the time of my speech, I did not even know how many viewers were watching the broadcast. We just had a great time. After the concert, I was informed that our live broadcast attracted more than five million viewers. At first I thought that they were kidding me, but the guys showed a screenshot. And then adrenaline filled me. I was extremely glad that out of a million options for other video content, viewers from all over the world chose my concert.


If we talk about how it feels to perform at a concert that is broadcast only online, at first it was very unusual to look at the cameras and the empty hall. Usually I to feel the feedback from the audience, to hear their applause. Until the end of the concert I had a strange feeling that I was not have enough live communication with the concert public. I can compare this format of the concert with making love with an inflatable doll. Cool but something is not right.


It was an unreal adventure! I want to say thanks to the audience from all over the world who were with me that evening. As well as the technical team, which helped to realize my idea, and quickly resolved all the technical issues that arose. Special thanks to all the concert organizers who provided information support for my concert around the world - on the Internet and offline. And of course, I thank the team that worked with me on stage and in the hall that evening.


For those who missed my concert, let me remind you that on March 23, my first online concert was, which lasted 13 hours.

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