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The host of the American show hit the book of records of Belarus.

First time in the world American host of the show, made a review of the Belarusian artist’s song in the Belarusian language.


P. The Politician (USA, South Carolina, Charleston).


P. The Politician is the Program Director of CCG Network Radio with over 15 years of experience in sound engineering, production, artist development and media broadcasting. He is the co-creator of CCG Network Media, CCG Network Radio and Behind Bars Entertainment. In 2017, P The Politician was one of the first users to launch a Facebook Live artist review presentation, and then started the «The Don’t Stress Success» podcast and «The Don’t Get Mad Get Motivated» podcast with Daniel J. Scott's Life Development Coach.


Many years, P The Politician has been passionate about helping independent artists become successful artists who can take their skills to the next level. He was recently awarded the 2018 Independent Tone Award for Best Live Show on Facebook for his work with Daniel J. Scott on the «The Don’t Stress Success» podcast, which includes topics on self-reliant entrepreneurship and how they can overcome the challenges musicians face.


P. began his career as an artist in high school, where he played the alto saxophone and bass drum. From there, he began making music for local concerts and performing with these numbers, later founding his own Behind Bars Entertainment label with his brother Justis and childhood friends Caceeno, Lil Remy and Lil EZ.


Over time, P. noticed the need for popularization for independent artists and launched CCG Network Radio, where music from around the world is broadcast 24 hours a day. With the help of CCG Network Radio, he created a community for independent artists to communicate and collaborate with other producers, promoters, and everyone who has something to offer the independent music scene. CCG Network Media has now become the basis for CCG Network Radio, as it plays a role for all broadcast and video creation needs for anyone who wants to visually improve their brand around the world.


You can watch the P. The Politician’s Thursday Night Live Artists Review Show, which is broadcast every Thursday night at 9:00 pm ET on Facebook Live.


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P. The Politician can be found on all @pthepolitician social networks or contact


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