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The most ambitious world tour in the history of coronovirus!

While cultural events around the world are canceling, singer Vitali Solo decided to go on tour across four continents (Europe, Asia, America, Australia) to diversify people's lives during of the coronovirus pandemic.


As an innovator in the music world, Vitali Solo decided to give concerts through live broadcasts on the Internet. This will allow viewers around the world to attend the concert without leaving their home and not risk their lives.


Spectators are waiting for a bright two-hour concert Vitali Solo with live sound. Live broadcasting from four cameras will organized by the Vitali professional technical team. For the artist to communicate with the English-speaking audience, a professional translator will be present at the concerts.


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The broadcast will be held in the format of the show "Behind the Glass".

The concert will take place on March 23. The broadcast starts at 11:00 (Moscow time). The preliminary broadcast will last until 00:00 (Moscow time) and end with a two-hour concert Vitali Solo.


You can get the broadcast link by clicking on the button.