news Vitali Solo Витали Соло

The song “Be Stronger” by Belarusian singer Vitali took 11th place on Hit-FM Radio.

On October 30, the names of the winners of the "100 POUNDS NEW HIT 2018" project and the official voting results became known.


The winner of the project and the winner of the main prize was singer Lee Leed with the song “Runaway”. This song has been featured in Hot Rotation for 2 months.


The young band “Hi, Mum!” is in second place. Their song “Who are you” end up in Hot Rotation on HIT FM for 1 month.


Russell Pro took third place and is awarded the "Intense Rotation" of the song "Space Love".


In the near future, the program management of the HIT FM radio station will determine its winners in the nominations “100 pound new HIT in the state language”, “100 pound new HIT in the Russian language” and “100 pound new HIT in the state language”.


The project "100 POUNDS NEW HIT 2018" is carried out for the second time. In September, artists from Moldova send their own songs, during October, voting takes place on the site, which determines the winner of the project.


Recall that the winner of the first project “100pudovo new HIT-2017” was Eva Timush with the song “My World”.