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Vitali Solo: “I had to eat grasshopper larvae”

Tourist portal Travel House went to Gomel to meet with singer Vitali Solo and learn about his travels.


He could become a crocodile lunch and a dinner for a grizzly bear. He had to eat insects. Singer Vitali, in pursuit of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions, he is ready for a lot ... On trips, he tries to take everything to the maximum. Prefers to visit the eastern countries...



"The Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens ..."


Vitali went on vacation to Egypt to see the Nefertiti Temple, purchase a Tutankhamen figurine and scuba dive into the Red Sea.


- The most unusual in Egypt are the pyramids. Against their background, you just seem like an ant. There are various legends about how they were erected: perhaps aliens built them, or people had the ability to levitate, or simply raised these beams on ropes - I do not know the exact answer. This is one of the very interesting puzzles that will probably remain unsolved for a long time”says Vitali.


“The crocodile tastes like pork”


A tour to Thailand allowed the singer to retire to nature and enjoy the beautiful bonsai trees in the «The Million Years Stone Park». Some plants are already four hundred years old.


- In Thailand, I was yet on a crocodile farm, where I also really liked it. He fed alligators and crocodiles with a chicken. And I am myself tried the crocodile: it tastes like pork to taste. Of the unusual dishes I also tried fried grasshoppers. They are sold on the local market, it as have seeds” the artist shocked us.


“I showed my teeth, and the tiger repeated after me ...”


You probably noticed that Vitali likes to be photographed? So in Thailand, he decided to take a picture with all the animals from a large zoo. And he almost became dinner for the grizzly bear:


“I just hugged a bear but the trainer made it clear to me:“If the animal is not hungry, this does not mean that he will not want to eat me.” But nothing bad happened. And I have an interesting photo with a tiger, where I and he are show teeth. Many people think this is a planned photo, but it all came out randomly.


Bathed in warm milk


On vacation in the UAE, he was fascinated by architecture, many fountains and entertainment venues. The Persian Gulf left an indelible impression:


- He is very warm - like warm milk. When I climbed into it, I didn’t even realize that I was in the water.


“In two weeks I learned 70 songs”


A Belarusian in the UAE was able to gain experience in musical activity. For about a year, the artist worked in this eastern country, performed in various entertainment venues. He performed mainly compositions of world stars.


- In two weeks I had to learn about 70 songs in English, although I studied German at school. It was extremely difficult for me: with pronunciation and with memorization of words. But my colleagues helped, with whom I flied to work. With our musical group we played world hits: “Deep Purple”, “Sting”, “Bon Jovi” and others.


"Familiar sang for dogs and cats ..."


He refused invitations to work in America, India and even the Baltic states and returned to his homeland to realize himself as an independent artist.


- Of course, there is such an expression that each person has a price. I would think about a proposal to speak abroad if I had an interesting and profitable offer. But, of course, not from the category of singing for someone's dog or cat. I know such cases when my friends sang for the pets of wealthy people. For me, this is unacceptable for any money, - says the singer.


“It is necessary to dip the rich in rural life”


What do you think Vitali would do if he was given the opportunity to develop tourism in the countryside? He has his own theory on this score:


- I would try to dip wealthy people into rural life. I would proposed them planted a garden, feed the hens or milk the cows. I think that even for businessmen who spend most of their lives in the city, this would be a kind of entertainment.


- Now any tourist can come to Belarus without a visa. What do you think you need to see in our country, first of all?


- I would recommend visiting the Paskevich Park in Gomel, which has a huge collection of watches and you can see various plants. Plants, by the way, are brought from all over the world - this is a unique opportunity to “see the whole world” in one place. In Grodno


- look at the architectural structures: castles and palaces walk along its cobbled streets. We still have Belarusian Maldives - chalk quarries, ski resorts - Silichi and Logoisk. An indelible impression will be received by every tourist Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Come to Belarus!


Daria Shevtsova


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