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Vitali Solo: my ultimate goal is to leave a bright mark on the history of world music

COLORS.BY met with singer Vitali Solo and asked him a number of sharp and unusual (in our opinion) questions - about music, about his career, about life and his place in this life.


Yes, a hackneyed question, but still - what are the creative plans. For example, do you want to release an album this month or give a tour?


- Well, if only very briefly, then the plans are to establish a couple of Belarusian records and go on tour across Russia. A program is being prepared for Europe.


What is your ultimate goal? Each creative person has a minimum program and a maximum program. What are you like?


- My ultimate goal is to leave a bright mark on the history of world music. The minimum program is to become popular on a global scale. The maximum is to become not only popular, but also a sought-after singer all over the world.


Are you going to sing to the very end, or have you set the bar - I have been singing for 20 years, I have been studying vocals for 20 years / writing memoirs?


- I have not thought about it yet. Life will show.


Is Vitali your ultimate nickname? As far as I know, previously you performed under a different pseudonym. Why did you do this?


- To begin with, I never performed under pseudonyms. Vitali Sychev is my real name, but Vitali is accordingly an English-language derivative on my behalf. This pseudonym appeared relatively recently, namely from the moment when I started working with representatives of foreign show business.


Today even in Belarus a huge number of singers. Which club you will not go to - a young singer performs on stage. Do we need another singer?


- Another of many singers is not needed. But there are very few unique singers that stand out from the crowd in the whole world, and they are simply necessary for world culture. I mean personalities like Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Bounce, Freddie Mercury and others.


By the way, are you not afraid to remain a singer who tours the regional cultural centers at government events?


- You know, it’s like “If afraid of being refused - not to get acquainted with girls” (c). Frankly, I’m not afraid of anything at all, since everything is in our hands, and the limitations are only in the head. The main thing is to clearly see your goal and understand what you want.

I have long gone beyond the scope of state events in regional recreation centers, traveled with two tours in Belarus, I also performed at various festivals and open-air venues in Belarus and Russia, and even performed in Dubai.


Who is your audience? I do not think that anyone who listens to IOWA or Max Korzh is your audience.


- Of course, the audience of IOWA or Max Korzh in my case is about 20%. My main audience is lovers of popular and dance music from 27 years old. As for Europe and the USA, it is surprising that both boys and girls over the age of 18 are interested in my work, mostly listening to rock and rap.


Tell us briefly about your personal life. Tell me about your family, children, maybe your favorite cat or bug? Do you have hobbies (except music, of course)?


- Single, no children, there is a cat, a British breed named Thomas. Jerry has not acquired yet. I have brothers, cool grandmother and the sister in America. Regarding my hobby, I don’t collect calendars with seals and magnets, I probably outgrew, but if possible I collect various figurines in the countries I visit.


What music is playing in your car?


- In the car I often listen to the radio to keep abreast of musical trends, new hits.


Why did you choose this particular style in which you perform your songs? Now many people like rap, why don't you read?


- Everything is simple - because I can sing, and I can only read books. And the style in which I sing is simply close to me in spirit.


Which of the artists do you have friendly informal relationships with?


- With Igor Nadzhiev, Anastasia Tihanovich, Dmitry Korol, German Titov, Theo, Artyom Melnikov and many others.


How long do you in professional music? How many released clips, albums?


- I started work on professional stage, when I have been 16 years old. Each artist and, I am no exception, is constantly in search of the very hits that would bring him fame. During this time, more than a hundred songs were written for me, but in their release, I am a perfectionist and therefore, so few songs were presented to the public.

I still did not manage to get to the clip, but I released two reality shows, which brought me great experience on the set.

Many artist dreams of being released on a world label, working with professionals, and I am no exception. Labels are engaged not only in recording musical material, but also in promoting it on the world market.

Today, negotiations are underway with various world record labels from which proposals are received. This is a long-term relationship, so the artist chooses a label very carefully. Albums and music videos without promotion are nothing; they are meaningless if people don’t even know about them.


As far as I know, you are entering the English-language music market. Do you sing in foreign languages? Aren't you afraid that for a foreign audience you will remain a Belarusian singer who sings with an accent?


- The entire world market is filled with singers who sing in English and a significant part of it is with an accent. So why should I be one of the millions of those same singers!

Of course, I sing in foreign languages, but I go to the English market mainly with Russian-language material, no matter how strange it sounds.  I'm not afraid!


What prompted you to make music? Why, for example, didn’t you go to work at the Mogilev plant?


- Having the talent and voice that was given to me from birth, as well as a crazy love of creativity, this became my kind of destination. I cannot imagine another profession. Singing for me is like oxygen, and the emotions and energy from the audience at live concerts this is adrenaline and all this are simply priceless. In my case, creativity is my life.



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