About tour "Evolution".

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For the audience - this is a wonderful opportunity to live to hear the voice of the singer, who conquered the Chicago audience.


Vitali has a rare voice classification - a soft baritone tenor with velvet overtones.


Impeccable appearance, charisma, energy and high professionalism - the key to his success. Thanks to these qualities, his performances cause incredible emotions.


The concert program "Evolution" is a hybrid of modern pop music with a live saxophone. The company will be composed by a professional saxophonist and two charming vocalist bek.


The best arrangers of the CIS, Europe and the USA worked on the creation of musical material, which harmoniously combines high-quality modern pop music combined with live instruments (piano, saxophone, electric guitar, symphony orchestra, etc.)

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Velvet voice combined with incredible energy, charisma and artistry make Vitali performances an unforgettable performance.


Vitali: three-time winner of the charts "CCG Network Radio" (Charleston, USA), nominee for the award "100 pounds new hit 2018" radio station HIT FM 101.7 (Moldova). The world premiere of the video "This Day" was held on December 20, 2018 on POZE TV (USA) in Chicago, Los Angeles, Wisconsin and Indiana. Vitali songs are heard on radio stations in the USA, Germany, Russia and Belarus.


In the concert live sound!