INTERVIEW Vitali Solo Витали Соло


Interview with singer Vitali to Contralto People magazine.

Singing at the mirror with a comb, songs about beautiful life, Barbie dolls, restoration of a leading position before the finish line, modern music in Belarus and much more were discussed with singer Vitali Solo.


"Pravda Radio" first held a video bridge with the United States of America.

Overseas greetings to radio listeners were conveyed by the popular American rap artist, music critic and host of the Thursday Night Live show - P. The Poly (Mr. Pi).

The songwriter and singer Vitali Solo, sent a greeting back to South Carolina, singer not accidentally ended up in the studio "Pravda Radio". After a relatively recent acquaintance, the two musicians are already building joint creative plans, which were described on the air of "Pravda Radio".


Vitali Solo: my ultimate goal is to leave a bright mark on the history of world music

COLORS.BY met with the singer Vitali and asked him a number of acute and unusual (in our opinion) questions - about music, about his career, about life and his place in this life.


Vitali Solo: “I had to eat grasshopper larvae”

He could become a crocodile lunch and a dinner for a grizzly bear. He had to eat insects. Singer Vitali, in pursuit of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions, he is ready for a lot ... On trips, he tries to take everything to the maximum. Prefers to visit the eastern countries...


Singer Vitali Solo: A girl in beautiful underwear is better than a naked.

Visiting singer Vitali Solo. The artist told how he takes care of himself, how he managed to lose seven kilograms per week and what men like about girls.


In Gomel started a reality show that will show the other side of creating photo shoots.

The project was conceived by the singer Vitali and his music maneger Svetlana Kravets. We met with them on the set of the second series of the PhotoHit show at the Arena Hall club. Here preparations were in full swing for the next shoots, the whole team gathered.