Vitaly Sychev's concert will take place on december 8 in the city of Chechersk.

It's cold outside, and on December 8th, on the stage of the district House of Culture, they promise that it will be hot. With the warmth of his soul and legendary retro hits, singer Vitali Sychev arrives in our city. Concerts Vitali Sychev are on the world system Free ...


Shooting of clip Vitali Sychyov and compromat

A clip of singer Vitali Sychev was filmed in a medieval castle, during which a lot of compromising information was filmed. The song for the clip was not chosen by chance. We are talking about the track called “Be Stronger”, the text of which was for the most part reworked, so that on the eve of the New Year holidays everyone could ...

Vitali continues to conquer foreign radio listeners.

The singer began to conquer a foreign audience in 2018 by saying that his songs “Don't cry”, “Be stronger” and “Your actions” were warmly received by Poze Radio listeners in Chicago (USA).


100pudovo new hit-2018: belarusian winner.

The winners of the project “100PUDOVO NEW HIT-2018” of the radio station No. 1 of Moldova - “HIT FM” became known.

The song “Be Stronger” of the Belarusian singer  took 11th place on radio “HIT FM”.

The song “Be Stronger” of the Belarusian singer Vitali Sychov (VITALI) became not only the nominee for the “100PUDOVO NEW HIT-2018” award on Moldova's No. 1 radio “HIT FM”, but also took 11th place out of 50 contenders

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Flowers and sea compliments for beautiful ladies.

The final chord of the spring concert was the performance of singer Vitali Sychyov’s. The musical compositions and the irrepressible energy of the artist became a gift for the women of Naftan OJSC.

Concert dedicated to the works of Michael Jackson.

Last Sunday, a concert devoted to the works of the legendary Michael Jackson, “The Dream of a King”, took place in the Central Control Center. The singers of the pop-king were Artyom Melnikov (Moscow, Russia) and Vitali Sychov (Belarus). The Slink Up Crew dance group also performed on the stage.


Vitali Sychov: My end purpose is a bright to "inherit" in the history of world music.

COLORS.BY met with the singer Vitali Sychov and asked him a number of acute and unusual (in our opinion) questions - about music, about his career, about life and his place in this life.

Vitali Sychov: “I have eated to feed by grasswomers”.

He could become a dinner for a crocodile and a dinner for a grizzly bear. He had to eat insects. Singer Vitali Sychov is ready for many things in pursuit of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions ... In his travels he tries to take everything to the maximum.


In Gomel the starting realiti show that will see the effect of creating photosessions

The project was conceived by singer Vitali Sychov and his producer Svetlana Kravets. We met with them on the set of the second series of the “PhotoHit” show at the club “Arena Hall”. Here, preparation for the next tour was going on, the whole team gathered.

Singer Vitali Sychov: “Better than girl in beautifully linen thanks to night ...”

Visiting singer Vitali Sychov. The artist told how he was following himself, how he managed to lose seven kilograms in a week and that men like girls


Legendary retro hits in modern sound.

Do you want to make a musical journey through time and return to the years when the beloved songs of Toto Cutugno and Modern Talking, the Soviet hits of the “Earthlings” and “Blue Bird” groups came from the receivers? November 23 at 17.30 we are waiting for you in Vetka center of culture. The concert will be held on the system Free donation.

Legendary retro hits in modern sound.

The newspaper “Free Words” will present in Rogachev a concert “Legendary retro hits” in the modern sound of singer Vitaly Sychev (Vitali). The concert will be held on the system Free donation. And that means - without pre-payment of tickets.

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Festivals, biker parade and “Night snipers”: Svetlogorsk with a swing marked its own birthday.

Later in the evening, singers Vitali Sychov and Theo, as well as the popular Belarusian group Akute, will congratulate Svetlogorsk residents. And, of course, the main gift - Diana Arbenina and "Night Snipers" will perform at a festive concert on Svetlogorsk Day.

Vitali Sychov's song (Vitali) will premiere today - This day on Poze Radio (USA) at 18:00 CET. Do not miss!


Listen to the song “Don’t Cry” now on Sim Live Radio (Germany). Mobile radio station number 1 in Germany.


LOVEISRADIO - we bring hearts closer! VITALI now airs on in the TOP HOUR NEW program, every day, at 11:00, 15:00, 19:00.


We present on the radio Bryansk, Belarusian author and performer of his songs Vitali Sychov (Vitali)