About the Las Vegas show.

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The Las Vegas show was created over a year by a team of professionals.


Director Aiden Miller (USA).


The project is filled with impressive technical and visual special effects. Suffice it to say that the technical resources of the concert venues are used to a minimum, most of the equipment is brought along, because the show has serious technical requirements. Special designs have been developed for the show in order to embody the most daring lighting solutions.


The principal difference in the show "Las Vegas" will be that the special effects will be focused on the audience, and not just on the stage.


Viewers of the show are expected:

  • professional directorial production of the level of the leading concerts of the world; bright baritonal tenor Vitali Solo;
  • bright productions;
  • ballet show;
  • live saxophone;
  • crazy light show.


The best arrangers of the CIS, Europe and the USA worked on the creation of musical material in which high-quality pop music harmoniously combined with live instruments (piano, saxophone, electric guitar, etc.) from lyrical ballads to dynamic dance songs.


Duration of the program: 120 minutes.

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