Singer Vitali Solo with the program "This is all for us" 2020.

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For the show was created a bright light show.


For each song in the program footage videos were shot. Also, lighting director created a bright light show.

TOUR 2020

Vitali Solo Витали Соло

The new program will include not only innovative techniques, but also new musical material. It consists of popular hits and new Vitali tracks recorded in a trendy musical style. The program will also be supplemented by tracks recorded in America: duets with the American rapper P The Poly, songs recorded in collaboration with a Grammy nominee and multi-platinum producer Adam Cherrington (USA, Chicago).

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In addition to the musical material, a lot of work was done to create stage costumes.


For the show, dozens of exclusive designer costumes have been created for the Vitali Solo show ballet. In addition, American clothing designers and image makers worked on the image and concert costumes of Vitali Solo.


Spectators experience euphoria (emotional pleasure) from Vitali's voice.


Spectators experience emotional pleasure and physically feel the Vitali voice during performances. This is expressed in various forms: goose bumps, pleasant trembling, tears in one’s eyes, and someone cannot even fall asleep at night from an overabundance of emotions, etc. This phenomenon is called "Frisson", it occurs due to the timbre and certain frequencies in the voice of Vitali.


* Frisson - musical chills, which is a response to the promotion of auditory stimuli, which causes a pleasant state that turns into emotional pleasure, bliss, goose bumps, etc.