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Concert dedicated to the work of Michael Jackson.


Last Sunday, a concert was held at the Gomel concert hall dedicated to the work of the legendary Michael Jackson, "Dreams of a King." Performers of the songs of the pop king were: Artyom Melnikov (Moscow, Russia) and Vitali Solo (Belarus). Also on the stage of the concert hall was the dance project Slink up crew.

From the words of the organizer Ekaterina Filatova, the idea to create a Belarusian-Russian project appeared suddenly. Artyom Melnikov, who performs many compositions of Michael Jackson, sent his recording and agreed to participate. This concert is a promotional tour before the main tour in October, which will take place in other cities of Belarus.

Artyom Melnikov said the following about the idea and concept of the concert:

“It is impossible to repeat it, even if a person looks like Michael Jackson,” said the artist. - And if you mentally immerse this person in his mind, in his composition and ideas, introduce him to the singer’s world, people will have a different reaction. Because besides the fact that Michael Jackson was a performer, there was a lot of everything secret that was hidden from the public. He was a deeply spiritual man, kind and with all his songs he wanted to make this world a better place. As a result, from the idea to pay tribute to the memory of the great artist, these lines were born: "Dreams of one king." Combining creativity and personality, we want to immerse the viewer in the extraordinary world of Michael Jackson.

The famous Will you be there Artyom Melnikov and Vitali Solo were first sung by a duet. The concert featured the famous hits of Michael Jackson, which at one time won many hearts. "Dangerous" is the song about an attractive and dangerous girl. "They don't care about us" song is calling to stop violence, ethnic hatred and ignorance, incendiary song "Bad" about a "bad" guy, lyrical song "Human nature", transferring to a world of dreams and fantasies, and many others musical numbers have become an unforgettable gift to the audience.