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- The record holder of the “Book of Records of Belarus”, as “The first singer in the history of Belarus who won 4 times in a row in the American chart“ CCG TOP 20 WEEK ”on“ CCG Network Radio ”.

- From 04.11.2018, the song “Don’t cry” was in the TOP 10 best tracks of the year on “CCG Network Radio” (Charleston, USA) on the CCG TOP 20 CHARTS chart.

- The official representative of the American show “The Thursday Night Live” in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

- Vitali songs are heard on radio stations in the USA, Germany, Russia and Belarus.

- Nominee for the prize “100 pounds new hit 2018” of the radio station HIT FM 101.7 (Moldova). According to the results of the vote, the song "Be Stronger" took 11th place out of 24 applicants.

- Twice a scholarship holder of the “Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for Supporting Talented Youth”.

- Winner of the 2nd prize of the Republican musical television project "Star Stagecoach".

- He was recognized as the most raited singer on the FM radio station BA.

- A diploma winner of the national qualifying round of the international contest “New Wave” in Jurmala.”

- Winner of the 2nd prize of the XII Republican contest "Belazovsky chord."




| Year | | Clip | Author of words | Music Author |

| October 2005 || London Goodbye || Sergey Sukhomlin || Sergey Sukhomlin ||

| May 2011 || "Don’t cry" || Alina Vysotskaya || Vyacheslav Kornoushenko ||

| July 2012 || "Fly" || Vitali Sychev and Alina Vysotskaya || Vyacheslav Kornoushenko ||

| May 2013 || "Belarus" || Pavel Arkhiptsev || Vyacheslav Kornoushenko ||

| August 2015 || "You are lying" || William Shakespeare || Ekaterina Levchenko ||

| August 2017 || "Your acts" || Julia Androsova || Tatyana Astapenko ||

| January 2018 || "I know" || Ekaterina Filatova || Vyacheslav Kornoushenko ||

| April 2018 || Be Stronger || Vitali Sychev || Sergey Chernik (Phoenix Records Label) ||

| November 2018 || "This day" || Vitali Sychev || Sergey Chernik (Phoenix Records Label) ||

| September 2019 || "This day" (rap version) || Vitali Sychev and P. The Poly || Vyacheslav Kornoushenko ||

| October 2019 || "Don’t cry" (rap version) || Alina Vysotskaya and P. The Poly || Vyacheslav Kornoushenko ||

| October 2019 || "No Brakes / No Brakes" || Vitali Sychev and P. The Poly || Vitali Sychev and P. The Poly ||

| November 2019 || "Fake Views" || Vitali Sychev and P. The Poly || Vitali Sychev and P. The Poly ||

| December 2019 || "I have become stronger" || Vitali Sychev || Vitali Sychev ||

| December 2019 || "This is all for us" || Vitali Sychev || Vitali Sychev ||




| Year | Clip | Director | Authors |

| December 2018 || "This day" || Sergey Chernyak || Words: Vitali Sychev. Music: Sergey Chernik (Phoenix Records Label) ||

| October 2018 || "This day" (rap version) || Sergey Chernyak || Words: Vitali Sychev and P. The Poly. Music: Sergey Chernik (Phoenix Records Label) ||






Vitali began to sing almost from his birth, singing the songs of Modern Talking, Michael Jackson and ABBA, sounded on cassettes.

At the age of seven, mom discerned talent in a young boy and revealed it, becoming the first vocal teacher. Already at this age, Vitali imagined himself in the place of famous artists. In turn, mother and grandmother in every possible way encouraged his desire to sing.

The first performance to a wide audience took place when Vitali was 8 years old.

From the age of ten, Vitali has already performed on the professional stage, participating in various children's vocal competitions and festivals.




At 16, Vitali recorded his first songs “Belarusian Autumn”, “Princess Diana” and “Lambada”. At the same time, he became the youngest soloist of the pop and symphony orchestra of the Gomel Regional Philharmonic under the direction of Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Yuri Vasilevsky. Then he became a scholarship holder of the “Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for Supporting Talented Youth” as a young talent.

In an effort to become a professional artist at the age of 17, he became a student of the pop department at the vocal class of the Grodno State College of Art. Became a student was advice of the artistic director, director of the State Concert Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, conductor and people's artist Mikhail Finberg.

At 19, Vitali became a member of the Republican television musical project "Star Stagecoach." The second place in the project opened new horizons, which gave him the opportunity to perform on the stage of the festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk", as well as on numerous venues in the country with well-known artists.

At the age of 20, Vitali with all the finalists of the “Star Stagecoach” project became participant in the creative evenings of the national artists of Belarus - Yadvig Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich, as part of the “Slavic Bazaar” festival.

At 21, the singer performed a guest of the concert show of Russian composer and producer Kim Breitburg.

While participating in the “Star Stagecoach” project, Vitali recorded the song “London Goodbye”, which was recognized as the most widely-watched song on the FM radio station "BA", and the singer himself was named the most promising young singer.

Achievements of the artist after participating in the television project "Star Stagecoach" were awarded - for the second time he became a scholarship holder of the "Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for Supporting Talented Youth".




In 2015, Vitali's debut solo concert “Fly” took place, where for the first time all previously recorded songs were presented to a wide audience.

From 2015 to 2016, the singer held a series of charity concerts “Dreams Come True”, in support of children left without parental care.

In 2016, Vitali, together with him music manager Svetlana Kravets, decided to create a project showing the work of male models during photo shoots, after which a team was assembled for its implementation. The singer himself acted as a photo model and host of the reality show “Photohit”. In the same year, the reality show was released and included 3 episodes.

In 2017, he became the leading reality project “Bright Life”.

In August 2017, he began cooperation with the Phoenix records label (Minsk), where he immediately released the song “Your Actions” in a new, for him, musical style of melodic trance.

In 2017, Vitali was invited to a republican project that popularizes classical and contemporary poetry, where he read 3 poems by contemporary poets in the program “Kind Runs of Belarus” on the Belarus-1 TV channel, under the heading “I Love to Read” (poems Chris Lang “Happiness does not need a reason at all,” Ekaterina Vlasova “Do not believe”, Olga Palchik “Dream. Fly”).

On December 1, 2017, the singer took part as an invited guest in the concert “Timbigfamily” by Timur Garafutdinov, a Russian rapper and participant in the reality show “Dom-2”, as part of the International Charity Event for Orphans and Disabled Children “My Dream and the Way to It!”.

Continuing work on the author's musical material, Vitali recorded the song “Be Stronger” in April 2018, in which the performer debuted as a songwriter.

 And in November 2018, the singer released a festive version of the song “Be Stronger”, which was called “This Day”. On December 5, on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays, was released Vitali's debut video for the song “This Day”. The Belarusian premiere of the clip took place on the Belarus 4 television channel. The world premiere of the video clip took place on December 20, 2018 on the POZE TV channel (USA).

In 2019, the singer ended his collaboration with the Phoenix records label.

In 2019, Vitali began working with the American rapper P The Poy (USA, Charleston) and released four joint songs - This Day (rap version), Don’t cry (rap version), No Brakes, Fake Views.

In July 2019, a teleconference with America took place for the first time, thanks to which TV chanel Belarus 4 was included in the Belarus Records Book. Vitali became a guest in the studio of the TV show "Good Evening Gomel" on the Belarus 4 channel. On the other side of the ocean, through the teleconference established by the Gomel Television Campaign, a popular rap artist and host of the American show “Thursday Night Live”, P The Poly, visited the host of the show Alexander Lupinenko.

In August 2019, Vitali became the official representative of the American show “The Thursday Night Live” in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

In September 2019, Vitali together with P The Poly released a video clip of the rap version of the song “This Day”. The video was shoted in Belarus and America.

In December 2019, Vitali released two new tracks “I got stronger” and “This is all for us.”

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Aliases = Vitali Solo (Vitali Solo), Vitali (Vitali)


Country = Belarus


Professions = Singer, Songwriter, Foto Model


Type of voice = Baritonal tenor


Genres = contemporary pop music, dance music